Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Featuredup - A Q&A platform for podcasters

Here are some frequently asked questions answered below. If you have anything else that you would like to ask, please send us an email at

Question: Is Featuredup free to use and are there any upfront charges or commisions?
Answer: Featuredup is free to use for podcasters and their listeners. There is no upfront cost for using the platform. However, if listeners choose to tip a podcaster on the platform, Featuredup retains 25% as commission, while podcasters earn 75% of the tip.

Question: Why has Featuredup's commission increased from 20% to 25%?
Answer: Featuredup is totally free to use for both podcasters and listeners. Listeners can submit their questions for free. Indeed, majority of the followers submit questions without a tip. Featuredup's only source of a sustainable income is from the voluntary tips that few listeners/followers submit. There are no ads or promotions on the platform. In light of recent increase in our costs, we had to increase our commission to maintain a predictable revenue.

Question: Do listeners need to pay or tip in order to submit a question?
Answer: Absolutely not. Tips are voluntary. Listeners can submit questions without having to pay or include a tip.

Question: If listeners choose to include a tip with their question, how do they pay?
Answer: Listeners can include a tip with their question. Featuredup uses PayPal to accept payments from listeners.

Question: When are tips transferred to a podcaster's PayPal account?
Answer: Featuredup will transfer tips to your PayPal account on a monthly basis for all the questions you have answered in a given month. In the first week of each month, Featuredup will send you a lumpsum transfer of all your tips received for the past month after deducting a commission (see above).

Question: How can followers/listeners reach out to a podcaster on to submit their questions?
Answer: Head over to the main page to create your profile. Once you sign up and login, you will see your profile link (example: on the home page. Share this link on your podcast and social media channels to invite your listeners to submit their questions for you on Featuredup.

Question: If a listener submits a question, is the podcaster obligated to reply to the listener's question?
Answer: No, there is no obligation to reply every question. However, we encourage all podcasters to reply to each question in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. within 1 month). This is vital for creating good experience and trust with the community interacting on Moreover, if a listener includes a tip with their question, podcasters receive the tip amount only after they reply to the question.

Question: If a podcaster answers/replies to a listener question, is there an obligation to feature the question on an upcoming podcast episode?
Answer: There is no obligation to feature any question on your podcast. Feauturing questions on your podcast is entirely your choice.

Question: Is there an expectation on how quickly a podcaster needs to respond to a fan submitted question?
Answer: Podcasters are encouraged to answer every each within 1 month of receiving it.

Question: How does a podcaster come to know that they have received a question from a listener on their Featuredup account?
Answer: Featuredup will send an email notification to the podcaster (no more than once a day) if they have fan submitted questions awaiting their attention. Featuredup will neither spam your email with unnecessary notifications nor send multiple email notifications per day.

Question: How does a listener come to know when a podcaster has answered their question on Featuredup?
Answer: When a podcaster answers a listener question, Featuredup will send an email notification to the listener on the email they provided. The email contains the listener's original question and the podcaster's response.

Question: Are tips received through the platform taxable?
Answer: Income earned through tips received may be taxable depending upon your state and federal tax laws.