How It Works

Featuredup - A Q&A platform for Podcasters

What is Featuredup

Featuredup is a Q&A platform for podcasters and their listeners. Podcasters invite their listeners to their Featuredup profile to submit questions and to support their work. Listeners submit questions and may include a tip. Podcasters answer listener questions and feature the best questions on upcoming podcasts. Featuredup is a dedicated place for post-episode Q&A, discussions and engagement.

How it works

Featuredup is easy to use and setup.

Step 1: Head over to to create your profile and login with your credentials.

Step 2: After you login, you will see your unique profile link where your followers can visit your profile and submit their questions. Announce this link on your podcast, include it in your episode notes and on your social media pages.

Step 3: Listeners visit your profile to submit their questions and may even include a tip via PayPal to support your work. You will receive an email notification when a question is submitted.

Step 4: Login to your account to reply to the submitted questions. An email from Featuredup will be sent to your listener that contains your response. Make things fun by featuring the best questions on your upcoming podcast episodes.

Note: Featuredup will transfer your tips to your PayPal account on a monthly basis for all the questions you have answered in a given month. In the first week of each month, Featuredup will send you a lumpsum transfer of all your tips recevied in the previous month.