Value Proposition

Featuredup - A Q&A platform for Podcasters

Why use Featuredup?

A crucial problem Featuredup seeks to solve is the predictable decline in listener engagement when a podcast episode concludes: Even if they are totally capitivated by the podcast, brimming with questions or ideas, a listener's interaction with the podcaster falls off a cliff at this point.
Featuredup is a platform where podcasters invite their listeners for post-podcast Q&As and discussions, keeping listener enthusiasm alive when its at its peak.

Value Proposition

Here are the key benefits and value drivers for podcasters.

Build a passionate listener community: Convert your passive listeners into a highly engaged community that consistently sends questions and comments on Featuredup after listening to your podcasts. Answer questions on Featuredup, feature the best ones on upcoming episodes and build a dedicated listener audience that not only tunes in regularly but also engages in post show discussions.

Monetize your work: Your listeners support your work as they include a voluntary tip via PayPal along with their questions. As you get a steady stream of questions and engagement on Featuredup, you will also create a sustainable revenue.

Streamlined podcast Q&As: Have one central place where all your post-podcast Q&As and discussions with listeners are neatly organized as opposed to getting questions all over social media or emails, where listeners questions get mixed up with everything else.

Meaningful notifications: Get targeted notifications via email when you have questions awaiting your attention unlike the dozens of unnecessary notifications social media platforms send you.

Tailor made for Podcasters: Listeners can submit questions in both written and audio format. Questions in audio format are a hit with listeners as they are often played directly on podcast recordings, creating a more immersive experience for listeners and encouraging other listeners to submit questions for you.

For an overview on how to get started on Featuredup, please visit the How It Works page.